Personnel deposit lockers

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Personnel deposit lockers

Traka’s unique personnel/deposit lockers can be networked in the same way as other Traka cabinets but can also be offered as a simple standalone solution to provide secure storage.

This option is ideal for situations where storage is required, often in a multi-user environment where there are a large number of users needing short-term storage.

These intelligent employee lockers are designed to accommodate flexible use, whether it’s temporary or permanent. These Personnel/Deposit lockers can be used in a range of applications, they can be used as office lockers, industrial staff lockers, school lockers, or just normal Personnel/Deposit lockers.


  • Access via PIN, proximity card or biometrics

  • Automatic allocation of the next available locker

  • No requirement for pre-programming or assignment

  • Easy configuration and administration for the access control panel

  • Full battery backup and emergency override facility

  • Size, shape and finish to suit your requirements

  • Optional integrated charging options for electronic devices

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Advanced key and asset management control via a web browse

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Full reporting

Configure the reporting you need to share targeted management information and retain a full audit trail.

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Integration Engine

Integrate with existing access control and HR systems to provide centralized control and visibility