Ultra - Low Noise References

Ultra-low noise sources use a variety of techniques to minimize phase noise. Invariably the source is an OCXO. The device maybe locked to GNSS or a Rubidium reference- but the lowest phase noise source available is an OCXO. Whether you are locking the OCXO- amplifying or distributing- any of the mentioned processes degrade the OCXO. For Ultra-Low noise sources extra care must be taken to preserve the phase noise. This typically translates into more expensive amplifiers, low ripple power supplies and in some cases vibration isolators to prevent mechanical vibration from compromising phase noise. The resulting sources find application in high frequency telecom where the base phase noise must be very low due to the degradation in phase noise that takes place in frequency multiplication (20*log(Ft/Fr)). Other applications frequently involve a process with high speed analog to digital conversion where clock jitter degrades the noise floor of the device. The products presented evolved out of addressing a unique application. Feel free to contact the factory if a custom solution is required.

Six Channel Ultra - Low Noise


An ultra-low noise platform designed for versatility. At its core it is a lock-in amplifier. The phase noise performance is dominated by the OCXO and the support electronics, but it can be slaved to several timing sources to provide a locked reference. Novus offers this platform with an embedded GNSS receiver, or a Rubidium source as well as external ports to respond to a PPS- 10 MHz or even a fiber optic reference. The net result is a low noise source in time synchronization with a master source. The platform also offers SNMP as well as local control.

NR2110-O-G with NTP Timer Server

Single channel GNSS locked OCXO, 10 MHz frequency reference with PPS. The unit features Auto-Calibration so that the most recent coefficients to compensate the OCXO for drift due to aging and/or temperature are stored and applied to the OCXO during GPS loss of lock conditions. Maximum frequency step at lock transistion < 10 ppb. High performance 26 channel GNSS receiver that supports GPS, GLONASS, SBAS, QZSS. By being able to receive data from multiple satellite constellations, lower lock time is achieved. With twice the number of satellites in view, as a GPS only configuration, achieving and maintaining lock in poor signal environments is enhanced. Optional NTP time server provides NTP accuracy to your application. Add dual time base and a completely independent time base will assure the integrity of your timing source