10 MHz Low Noise OCXO, PPS Locked Frequency Reference

The NR6720-CAL-PPS locks a low noise OCXO to an external PPS signal, The synthesized  PPS-derived from the locked 10 MHz OCXO has improved jitter by almost 20 dB. The unit features Auto-Calibration so that the most recent coefficients to compensate the OCXO for drift due to aging and/or temperature are stored and applied to the OCXO during GPS/GNSS loss of lock conditions. The unit operates from a nominal 12 VDC power source or available AC power adapter. Unit can be configured to operate from -60 to +60 Vdc in three ranges.

  • Holdover stability of 5 ppb/day,  50ppb/year

  • PPS stability option- P-P jitter < 700 ps

  • Locked accuracy <4E-11

  • Available -60 to +60 VDC in 3 ranges

  • Indicators and signals provide GPS/GNSS lock and unit self-test status


Typical Phase Noise

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