We provide flexible key access control to secure any industry

There is a CLIQ wireless key access control solution tailored to your organization or site. We have many years experience providing the right access control systems for critical infrastructure including utilities; banking, finance and offices; the museums and heritage sector; universities and healthcare properties; and many more places.

Our case studies — all free to download — help you understand the ways CLIQ wireless door locks and programmable keys work to secure premises and thousands of doors all over the world. Through a few real examples, we hope to show you why customers choose CLIQ.

Why do three hospitals rely on CLIQ?

CLIQ solutions are used every day in healthcare institutions keeping patients and their data safe and secure critical assets. They are found in hospitals, dorctors practices or care homes around the world. 


Why is CLIQ trusted by heritage buildings?

CLIQ solutions are used every day in museums, heritage buildings and cultural spaces providing flexible access control without wiring.

Why does a Swedish utility provider rely on CLIQ?

CLIQ provides individual and secure access for every employee and contractor at Sweden's Eskilstuna Energi och Miljö. When everyone working for the utility company needed their own tailored access rights, the solution was the CLIQ system. The public utility has installed CLIQ locks on interior and exterior doors across its multiple sites, which include a waterworks, a heating plant, a recycling centre and 300 pump stations.


CLIQ Case Study Library